Wooden Platform Metal Bed Frame


By: Zinus

Sizes Available: Twin, Full,  King, and Queen


This wooden platform bed frame comes with wooden slats. The headboard is made from real pine wood while the frame is made from strong metal. The frame is supported by legs which ensures maximum durability. Instructions are easy to follow and everything is included, even tools, to help put everything together. Overall, this bed frame gives off a nice and pleasant rustic feel.

Does it make any noise?

With this frame, non-slip tape and foam padded tape are included to prevent the frame from making any noise. The non-slip tape is located on the wooden slats to secure your mattress while the foam padded tape is added onto the metal frame.

Is there enough room for any storage underneath the bed?

There is enough room for storage since there is a clearance of 14 inches from the floor to the bottom of the bed. Depending on size, you can fit a decent amount stuff under. For example, for a queen size the frame will be 61 inches wide, which is around 5 feet.

Can one person put this frame together?

I recommend having another person help you out just so it can be done quicker. However, it is possible to assemble the frame with just one person. The only difference between doing it alone is how long it will take. Instructions are easy to follow so no need to worry if it will be hard to put everything together from start to finish!