Rosedale Metal Canopy Bed Frame



Sizes Available: Full, Queen

Colors Available: Black, Gold, White



This sturdy four-poster canopy metal bed frame has a sleek and modern design to it. You have the option to get this beautiful bed frame in 3 different colors. You can add curtains and as well as lights that can wrap around giving it more character.

Are wooden slats included for support?

No, this frame does not include wooden slats so a box spring is needed in order to support your mattress. Other than that, the frame itself is really sturdy.

How long does it take to assemble?

The box it comes in weighs about 100lbs so you might need some help with that. With at least 2 people, putting everything together should take about or 2 hours. Although it can also take 1 person to assemble this frame, I recommend having at least another person help you out if possible.

What is the height?

The dimensions are: Width: 85″ Depth: 63.5″ Height: 72”

72″ = 6ft